End of vacation

This is my last day of vacation before going back to reality and being a stay at home dad and webcomic entrepreneur (sounds so much better than basement dweller).

More flashbacks and intrigues in this week’s page of Curly & Kaz’s galactic adventures! Click the pic to read it. 

Apart from going to the beach, racing gocarts with a brother-in-law and having fun with the kids, I managed to steal some time away to replay one of my favorite Playstation 3 games! Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and also had my first playthrough of GTA IV: Lost & Damned.

All in all, a pretty great vacation, even with the social distancing and crazy pandemic. Until next week fellow freaks and geeks!

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Read it and brag about it!

Read page 14 of Curly: Stargazer today for bragging rights among your imaginary friends! 

Check out the latest page of Curly the cursed con man, by clicking this pic! (does not send you to closest enlistment office… or does it?)
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