Click the pic for this week’s update of Curly: Stargazer!

Some cool news here for you all! First off, as the eagle-eyed reader might have noticed, I have added a shop button that leads to my RedBubble. There you can buy some cool T-Shirts, phone cases, and whatnot. A real “Ye Olde Rip-ye-off Shoppe” for some cool designs and stuff. 

Also, I have been thinking (never a good sign) and have decided to dedicate a part of this platform to preaching about my invisible disabilities, mainly Fibromyalgia and Parkinsonism-related Tremor. Sounds quite boring, eh? Well, I will try and put some of my off-brand humor in the texts and it will not affect the comic. Curly is and will always be just pure entertainment. So keep your eyes out for future updates and help me spread awareness about a disability that affects so many people. 

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Wonder Weenies!

So this is my new thing for a while, each week I will try and find time to give a shoutout to other awesome webcomic artists! 

Click the pic to read some fast food superhero shenanigans!

This week, and as a guinea pig to see how all of this goes, I like to call out Corey Kramer and his super-duper comic Wonder Weenies! A superhero comic about a bunch of fast-food employees that get their superhero powers after (spoiler!) using a filthy, greasy, and radioactive fryer aptly named the Frank-N-Fryer. Dee, Murray, and Frank (that is their names, not just something random that I typed) is dosed harder than the Hulk in radioactivity and gets the powers of fire-hands, an aggressive mullet, and turning into a hotdog-man. 

I must be honest, Kramer really pulled my leg here. Wonder Weenies is presented in a classic strip format, just how your local paper used to do it before comics disappeared from paper printed news. It starts off as a workplace comedy, follows the rude behavior of employees in customer service, and has this “unprofessional”- vibe that leads to fun interactions and whatnot. Then it becomes a superhero riff that parodies Marvel and DC with a fast-food twist. I love it! From time to time, mock ads show up with different hotdogs, weenies, and other stuff that helps with the worldbuilding in a cool meta fashion. The characters are well defined and the whole comic is a laugh to read.   

Kramer has this clean style, with lots of cubes and circles that give him a fresh art style. The colors are straightforward and the site is effortless to use. You can just go there, read the comics easy-peasy without any fuss. What is even better is that Kramer has been at it for a long while, the first strips dating all the way back to 2010, so there is over a decade’s worth of material to read. 

On a more serious note, Kramer recently posted how he was going to begin dialysis at the beginning of March. Being a disabled artist with chronic illness myself, my bloody heart goes out to this bloke. Living with kidney trouble is no cakewalk, and I think we all should send some love his way. Give Corey Kramer some clicks and a read, if nothing else than for watching a lad getting transformed into a weenie.  

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