Stargazer Page 32

This page was actually not in my original script but added just for laughs. I also took the opportunity to let the comic breathe a bit and work on the mood. New readers will not notice anything special, except Curly just letting his mouth run wild (as usual) but I think it improved the pacing a bit. 

It is a week until Black Friday 2020, and already I am getting Black Friday deals. Black Month deals even. Like, I do not have much money to spend usually, why would I spend it now? Except on Christmas gifts for others perhaps? 200 bucks are still 200 bucks. If I would not spend that kind of money on stuff otherwise, why would I now? Sure, you can get some nice deals, but it is still money spent. I know a lot of people who have overspent on Black Friday before, so be careful people. Do not let those sparkly pricetags fool you. A deal is only good as long as you got money left after it. 

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Stargazer Page 31

Shit is about to get real. One of my favorite images of Kaz from this story, she looks so badass. If she only had some bubblegum. 

I have been drooling over the trailers for the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales game lately. It made me rewatch Into the Spiderverse even, a fantastic flick in my humble opinion. I really love the art style that they used and the animation feels so smooth and on point. It really makes me want to be a better animator. In the game, you can even unlock the black Spiderverse costume from the movie, so I am more than hyped! Just need it to be a bit cheaper first, maybe as a Christmas gift for myself. Screw the kids, they can watch me play instead of getting presents! On the other hand, I would probably be suffocated by a pillow in my sleep so… yeah, pros and cons on that idea.   

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Stargazer Page 29

In my mind, it is regretful that Kaz was introduced as a damsel in distress in her first appearance. She was never intended to be seen as defenseless or weak. However, this is a horror comic, and the characters will find themselves in dire situations from time to time, where they will need help from someone else. I have nothing against that, but I do regret that I introduced her in such a way without some nuance. Hopefully, this extended and revamped chapter can change that without feeling forced or weird. 

In other news, tomorrow is a freaking awesome day! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming to SMITE in the new battle pass. I never heard of the MOBA before, but I have been playing it lately as Kuzenbo, the King Kappa with his Shino-bo skin which makes him kinda look like Slash or Tokka from TMNT. Bloody brilliant!   

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Stargazer Page 27

Man, adding backgrounds and more darkness to this chapter really makes it pop in a new way. I think I finally found the dark atmosphere I tried to create all those years ago when I first did the old version. Feels really good. 

My 6-year-old son has started giving me “Computer Time Off” when he comes home from school. Apparently, I do all too much boring comic stuff, and not enough fun co-op videogames stuff or other fun activities. He is also adamant that I do not forget to help mom with daily chores so it is as equally divided as possible. That kid makes me really proud. My 4-year-old son, on the other hand, refers to me as a “poop-turd” on a daily basis. Still not sure about that one. 


The sign my son puts on my keyboard when it’s time for “Computer Time Out” and to log off for the day. It’s a picture of my 2 computer screens.



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Stargazer Page 26

This might be one of my favorite pages from this entire chapter. The trophy wall is a homage to the iconic scene in the cult classic science fiction flick Predator 2, just with some other pop culture references. I wanted to add even more stuff but had to cut down on objects so it would not clutter the scene.  

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Stargazer Page 25

I have to admit that drawing all these weird alien tools, intended for medicinal purposes or not, was quite fun. I envisioned these rusty, out of date stuff they use horror movie hospitals and mental asylums and just made them even more strange. I always liked mechanical science fiction stuff from the ’80s rather than today’s nanotechnology stuff. It gives some weight to the otherwise fantastical stuff that appears almost like technological magic. 

In other news, I am excited that this month’s PS-Plus games are a racing title (Need For Speed: Payback) and Dontnod’s Victorian gothic tale of Vampyr. The latter title is one that I have been eyeing since its release, but always thought I could get at a later date. I am a sucker for good bloodsucker games and horror (who would have thought?) and do enjoy the casual race now and then. I also in love with Dingodiles‘ new design in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and can not wait until the title drops a bit in price. The original trilogy by NaughtyDogs was a mainstay of my childhood and I played the heck out of the second and third ones. Never did 100% them, though, since I am more of a Gamer4Fun type than a hardcore gamer.    

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Stargaze Page 24

New week, new page. I must say, the recent Samurai Jack game, Battle through time looks really dope! It got that old school, PS2 era hack’n’slash vibe going but seems fun as heck. I have been a fan of Genndy Tartakovsky since before I actually knew who he was. The man is an expert on visual storytelling and extreme poses. It kinda rivals another “wish I had” game that I am looking at, Ghost of Tsushima, which incidentally also contains samurais. For now, I have to stick to playing my different endless open-world games and wait until there are some good deals on these titles, and I guess that is well enough or I will have a whole bunch of more unfinished games in my library. 

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