Stargazer Page 52

Now let’s sum up the whole story with a few frames! 

I have been replaying Uncharted 4 lately and hot damn, the writing is so good. I could kill to be able to write banter between characters as good as in those games. I often find myself grinning like a big goof during cutscenes and conversations, wishing that the words exchanged between Curly and Kaz could be half as great. I can write funny, but not hilarious! 

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Stargazer Page 51

Easter has come and gone, zombie Jesus fought against the Easter Bunny who poops chocolate and trick kids into eating its cacao flavored feces. We had a pleasant easter as well and let the kids run around, high on sugar with their cousins while we locked the doors and tried to childproof the house (somehow, those wee bastards still got back in!). I also got interviewed about how it is to be a disabled artist, which was pretty nifty. This week’s page is coming into the light, both figuratively and literarily and I would ask all of you to take at least around 20-25 minutes to read it to fully appreciate its complexity and philosophical depth considering the consequence and meaning of existence in a vast, cold universe. And talking murderous mutant sheep.  


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Stargazer Page 49

It is said that a good laugh prolongs your life, at least that is a saying in Sweden. Laugh it off, and go forth. 

Been playing some Concrete Genie lately, and I must say that it was quite a pleasant surprise. I missed it when it first released, but it is a cute little game with some nice depth to its storytelling. The style reminds me of Laika, the animation studio behind Coraline, ParaNorman, and most recently Missing Link while the gameplay feels like a mix between old graffiti games and Uncharted when it comes to climbing and exploration, only on a smaller scale. It should also be noted that I play the game without VR because that shite cost money. 

And while on the subject of money, cash, moolah… Head over to my RedBubble and check out some of my designs there! Some of them are even from straight from the pages of Curly! 

This cool Ankh and vampiric smile from Chapter 4, Silent Night is kinda cool, no? Yes! Go buy, now! Click the pic!
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Stargazer Page 48

Curly is speaking the naked truth, quite literary, if not also figuratively. 

My fibro been acting up lately so have not been able to do any drawing. On the other hand, I have been replaying the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection lately and just finished Among Thieves which might be my favorite out of the three. I remember replaying it numerous times on my Playstation 3 back in the day, using different skins such as the Dead Explorer. The games are an absolute blast, even if I feel that the enemy encounters are a bit too frequent at times. 

Do absolutely not forget to check out my shop, and if you have any extra nickles and dimes, spend them there! Spoil yourselves! 

In the spotlight this week: The Antisocial Media shirt! Click it, I dare you! 


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Stargazer Page 47

It is always good to have a heart to heart with friends, both new and old. Even if a murderous mutant sheep is slaughtering space aliens in the background. 

Oh, I do not know if you all noticed, but I have uploaded some prints on my RedBubble. So now there are some nifty T-shirts, pins, and stuff that you can spend your hard-earned money on instead of some bloody charity or good cause. Now, read that sentence again with some humor or sarcasm in your voice, because I was joking and have no intention to go up on a podium and apologize. If you want to spend your money on a children’s hospital, by all means, do it. But think for a moment, maybe those ill little rascals would appreciate a shitload of cool T-shirts instead? 

Jokes aside, if anyone likes my designs, share and care. If you really dig them, buy them! 

Click the pic to check out this cute Erw McBlu print!
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Stargazer Page 46

Sometimes we all jump into something, eyes closed, hope for the best, and that we do not hurt ourselves too much while trying to land. Or crashing. Kinda like how they did in Jackass, which I watched almost religiously as a teenager. It is a wonder that any of us survived to adulthood.  

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Stargazer Page 45

Now even I am curious about the story of the nun’s Curly mentions. 

Been out of commission lately due to my fibromyalgia, so have not had the energy to answer questions as frequently as I usually do. Sorry folks. Those flares of pain are not to be played around with. But on a happier note, I had some time with Miles Morales, web-swinging around New York and collecting time-capsules, stopping crimes, and riding an angry Rhino. It is a beautiful game and I am taking my sweet time with it. There is no point in rushing something that makes you feel good.  

I had to cancel my pre-order of Little Nightmares II, but damn, it looks good. And the way folks talk about it, I really need to save up and get it soon to experience it myself. Avoiding spoilers is perhaps the hardest part. 

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Stargazer Page 44

Rootin’ tootin’ sheep shootin’… in space! 

I hope everyone had a terrific Valentine’s Day this weekend, we took a family-day snow trip with sledding, ice-skating, and snowball fights (no matter what anyone else claims, I won).

Other than that, we had an absolute shitshow on our hands with bad news, drama, and heartbreak worthy of a cheap penny dreadful. I need to gather back some positive energy again because I am spent. Thank the lord for Spider-Man: Miles Morales keeping my mind of negative things.   

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Stargazer Page 43

Silent huge pages are good, they take like half the time it takes making dialogues and several frames. And silhouettes, those are nice too. Perhaps my comic should be all huge one frame pictures and silhouettes? That would be a gamechanger!  

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