Stargazer Page 22

Earth was a pain in the arse to draw, and I am not even sure that I got it right. 

Been playing some Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order lately and I must say that the game really reminds me of both Bloodborne and the Ratchet & Clank series. Go to a planet, platform, fight some enemies, find some hidden treasures. It almost feels like when you travel to different asteroids and planets in R&C and look for golden bolts, RYNO Holoplans, and stuff. I like it, it also got me in the mood to rewatch the Mandalorian tv-series again. Nothing like some good sci-fi to brighten the day, which I guess most of us need in these trying times. 

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Stargazer Page 21

My copy if Jedi: Fallen Order arrived today, so I’m installing it on my PS4 as we speak (write? Read?). Got a lucky break and ordered it really cheap at a sale. More science fiction goodies for me to enjoy! 

For today’s comic, I think you all know who Sergeant Heartmann is based upon. I toyed with the idea of giving him a mustache but in the end, I decided to do a straight-up caricature of the legendary R. Lee Ermey. His mannerism is a mix between Sergeant Hartman and the drill sergeant from Forrest Gump (Sergeant Sims?). Someone needed to get Kaz to take action, and what better role model than the memory of her hardass former superior officer?    

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Stargazer Page 20

Anyone else tried out the Destroy All Humans remake? I used to play the crap out of it as a kid, replaying it all too many times. It also made me discover Plan 9 from Outer Space and the awesomely bad director Ed Wood.  Too bad that they changed the human NPC’s so much, I kinda liked the semirealistic look of the humans in the old game in comparison to the caricature dolls in the remake. However, it’s a fun nostalgia trip with improvements making it play as I want to remember it. 


And the game has really nothing to do with today’s comic, the only thing they have in common is space aliens. Just because of that, I am going to watch Paul now. 

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Stargazer Page 19

I am fairly used to getting woken up by wee monsters early in the morning. I even tried to childproof my home, but those tiny rascals keep getting in. 

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Stargazer Page 15

I wanted to try out some minimalistic storytelling with simple drawings. I think it turned out pretty darn good, if I say so myself.

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Stargazer Page 14

I wanted to dive deeper into Kaz’s background history this time around. And what better time to have a flashback than in an actual flash? 

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