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Stargazer Page 49

It is said that a good laugh prolongs your life, at least that is a saying in Sweden. Laugh it off, and go forth. 

Been playing some Concrete Genie lately, and I must say that it was quite a pleasant surprise. I missed it when it first released, but it is a cute little game with some nice depth to its storytelling. The style reminds me of Laika, the animation studio behind Coraline, ParaNorman, and most recently Missing Link while the gameplay feels like a mix between old graffiti games and Uncharted when it comes to climbing and exploration, only on a smaller scale. It should also be noted that I play the game without VR because that shite cost money. 

And while on the subject of money, cash, moolah… Head over to my RedBubble and check out some of my designs there! Some of them are even from straight from the pages of Curly! 

This cool Ankh and vampiric smile from Chapter 4, Silent Night is kinda cool, no? Yes! Go buy, now! Click the pic!

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