Comic Chapters

Curly #01: The Lonesome Ghost
As Curly travels along the backroads of rural Arkansas, he encounters a lonesome house in the middle of nowhere. Being invited in by the owner, he soon uncovers a terrible secret.
Curly #02: Leftovers
Still bumbling along the backroads of rural Arkansas, Curly is kidnapped by a clan of backwoods culchies with a very particular culinary taste.
Curly #03: Stargazer
Curly decides to help Kaz get home to her family in Michigan, but on the way, they encounter most unexpected trouble. They soon find themselves on a swashbuckler adventure out of this world.
Curly #04: Silent Night
When Kaz decides to turn in early, Curly is left on his own in a lonely bar where a beautiful and alluring woman catches his interest. Soon Curly finds himself running through the night, trying to avoid especially nasty hickeys.
Curly #05: Invertigo
A troubled teenager on the run. A chatty old stranger with boundaries issues. A mean-spirited, grumpy, and stinky janitor. Curly and Kaz get more what they bargained for while staying at the Bloch Motel.