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Some cool news here for you all! First off, as the eagle-eyed reader might have noticed, I have added a shop button that leads to my RedBubble. There you can buy some cool T-Shirts, phone cases, and whatnot. A real “Ye Olde Rip-ye-off Shoppe” for some cool designs and stuff. 

Also, I have been thinking (never a good sign) and have decided to dedicate a part of this platform to preaching about my invisible disabilities, mainly Fibromyalgia and Parkinsonism-related Tremor. Sounds quite boring, eh? Well, I will try and put some of my off-brand humor in the texts and it will not affect the comic. Curly is and will always be just pure entertainment. So keep your eyes out for future updates and help me spread awareness about a disability that affects so many people. 

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