Wonder Weenies!

So this is my new thing for a while, each week I will try and find time to give a shoutout to other awesome webcomic artists! 

Click the pic to read some fast food superhero shenanigans!

This week, and as a guinea pig to see how all of this goes, I like to call out Corey Kramer and his super-duper comic Wonder Weenies! A superhero comic about a bunch of fast-food employees that get their superhero powers after (spoiler!) using a filthy, greasy, and radioactive fryer aptly named the Frank-N-Fryer. Dee, Murray, and Frank (that is their names, not just something random that I typed) is dosed harder than the Hulk in radioactivity and gets the powers of fire-hands, an aggressive mullet, and turning into a hotdog-man. 

I must be honest, Kramer really pulled my leg here. Wonder Weenies is presented in a classic strip format, just how your local paper used to do it before comics disappeared from paper printed news. It starts off as a workplace comedy, follows the rude behavior of employees in customer service, and has this “unprofessional”- vibe that leads to fun interactions and whatnot. Then it becomes a superhero riff that parodies Marvel and DC with a fast-food twist. I love it! From time to time, mock ads show up with different hotdogs, weenies, and other stuff that helps with the worldbuilding in a cool meta fashion. The characters are well defined and the whole comic is a laugh to read.   

Kramer has this clean style, with lots of cubes and circles that give him a fresh art style. The colors are straightforward and the site is effortless to use. You can just go there, read the comics easy-peasy without any fuss. What is even better is that Kramer has been at it for a long while, the first strips dating all the way back to 2010, so there is over a decade’s worth of material to read. 

On a more serious note, Kramer recently posted how he was going to begin dialysis at the beginning of March. Being a disabled artist with chronic illness myself, my bloody heart goes out to this bloke. Living with kidney trouble is no cakewalk, and I think we all should send some love his way. Give Corey Kramer some clicks and a read, if nothing else than for watching a lad getting transformed into a weenie.  

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