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Curly Volume 1: Devils, Demons & Degenerates collects Curly’s first four supernatural misadventures in a neat little album, complete with exclusive art, never-before-seen pages from his mysterious Hex Journal, and behind-the-scenes material!


Curly #01: The Lonesome Ghost
As Curly travels along the backroads of rural Arkansas, he encounters a lonesome house in the middle of nowhere. Being invited in by the owner, he soon uncovers a terrible secret.
Curly #02: Leftovers
Still bumbling along the backroads of rural Arkansas, Curly is kidnapped by a clan of backwoods culchies with a very particular culinary taste.
Curly #03: Stargazer
Curly decides to help Kaz get home to her family in Michigan, but on the way, they encounter the most unexpected trouble. They soon find themselves on a swashbuckler adventure out of this world.
Curly #04: Silent Night
When Kaz decides to turn in early, Curly is left on his own in a lonely bar where a beautiful and alluring woman catches his interest. Soon Curly finds himself running through the night, trying to avoid especially nasty hickeys.
Curly #05: Invertigo
A troubled teenager on the run. A chatty old stranger with boundaries issues. A mean-spirited, grumpy, and stinky janitor. Curly and Kaz get more than what they bargained for while staying at the Bloch Motel.
As the Malik family celebrates their daughter Kaz’s return to safety, Curly finds himself lost in the pages of an old comic book. All while the archdemon Arioch finally catches up with the cursed con man.
Curly stops by a gas station for a quick little bathroom break. Of course, not even something as simple as that can go right in the cursed con man’s miserable life.
How did Curly become cursed? In this thrilling old-school tale of deceit, death, and demons, the Irish con artist must face the consequences of playing fast and loose with the fates of others and his own cruel misdeeds.


Mentored by the mysterious private supernatural investigator Henslow, Kaz takes her first steps to learn more about the paranormal world that hides in the dark fringes of our world. What starts off as a cut and dry haunting soon devolves into something much more sinister.

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