As you might have figured out by now, this is a website dedicated to the art and misshaps of digital artist Lasse Wennerstrand (that’s me!).

I currently work as a Freelance Illustrator & 3D Artist, always looking for the next big project and misadventure. On my sparse spare time I work on my web comic “Curly” and a homemade Indiegame project together with an old friend of mine, utilizing the game engine Unity 3D.


3 Years as a Creative Computer Graphics student at “HIG” (University level). Learning the principles of 3D modelling and animation, special effects and so on.

2 Years as a Graphic Design student at “Idévärlden, YH i Bollnäs” (University level). Learning the prniciples of Graphic design, illustration and commercials.

Tools of trade:

– Photoshop CC

– Illustrator CC

– InDesign CC

– AfterEffects CC

– Autodesk Maya

– Final Cut


Range of work:

– Illustration

– Concept Art

– Graphic Design

– Character Art

– Character 3D Models

– 3D modelling (objects)

– 3D Animation

– Motion Graphics