Pascal the Rascal Page 37

As the saying goes: Revenge is a dish best served by kicking a cartoon goat monster in its hiney off a running train into a random cactus and thornbush field! Or at least I think that is how it goes? 

Oh man, I have been enjoying the bollocks out of James Gunn’s Peacemaker series. Holy crap what a good show! They really managed to take the guy you love to hate in Suicide Squad and make him both interesting and tragic. I have not been this into a show since Supernatural. Just, wow!  

Pascal the Rascal Page 36

Curly is channeling his inner Groucho Marx to quick talk this simple-minded goat of a conductor. Using one of Bugs Bunny’s favorite tricks and dressing up as someone else is always a classic and often funny cartoonish move. Lucky for Curly that he is in a comic (technically in a comic within a comic but that is a bit too much meta for my taste) and can pull these stuff off without an effort. 

Been on a serious The Adventures of Tintin binge lately, feeling nostalgic since I grew up watching the cartoons on the telly. Introduced my kids to Asterix & Obelix too and they love the iconic duo. So fun to be able to share one’s childhood pleasures with the next generation of hellions and remember some of that magic that can be captured in well-told stories.   

Pascal the Rascal Page 35

Curly was never intended to be a hero. In my mind, he is an opportunistic, greedy, and self-serving brat. Does he have a good heart? Do his actions speak louder than his projected self-image? I guess we have to wait and see if he will abandon the rascally Pascal or not. However, Black Billy Phil really raised the prices of train tickets!  

Pascal the Rascal Page 34

Looks like the tables turn in our con man’s favor, having the fight depend on a figurative coin toss! Or rather, a toss and tumble with a coin. 

A new year has come around and I guess we all just have to see what disasters will unfold now. The long-awaited rise of Cthulhu? An asteroid coming crashing down and ruining everybody’s day? The world’s squirrel populations banding together to defend the last pieces of forest, killing everything in sight? 

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Pascal the Rascal Page 33

Chestburster? Secret third arm? Aggressive chesthair? You all just have to wait until next year to find out! 

Christmas has come and gone, and I hope everyone had a lovely time with family and friends. I got my Tintin fix and ordered a couple of new mini-figures and introduced my youngest son to the exciting adventures of the Belgian journalist. We enjoyed both the old cartoons and the now decade-old movie (seriously Jackson and Spielberg, get on with the sequel already!) Aside from a wifey catching a mild cold, the new year is coming at us with a lot of promise and new cool projects! 

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Pascal the Rascal Page 32

Christmas is already around the corner and the kids are getting restless for the big jolly fellow who brings them all too many gifts each year. It has been a good year all things considered and I am looking forward to spending the holidays with family and other relatives. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I will see you peeps one last time before the new year comes knocking! 

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Pascal the Rascal Page 31

In horror movies, we always get that last stand where the monster, murderer, or cryptid goes for that one last all-out attack. So yeah, I did that. 

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Pascal the Rascal Page 29

Going from bad to worse! And if anyone is wondering, William van Wabbit III (the bunny) is melting, his ink is dissolving slowly in front of our very eyes! 

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Pascal the Rascal Page 28

One of the things that I like about doing a comic within a comic, is that I can bend the rules on how reality works for the story. In Pascal’s world, they can just reach out and get props from wherever, whenever, and use them against their foes. Need a context-effective costume change? It is right there to use! In Curly’s world, I would have to show them get changed, or get their props and/or tools from somewhere but right now I can just wing it and let Pascal become a boxer for two panels without needing to explain how. 

In other news, I have been playing a ton of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden this week. I am a fan of the modern XCom series but the added stealth and anthropomorphic animal mutants make this game feel even better to play. I love isolating individual enemies and taking them out as stealthily as possible, thinning the herd before attacking the main group. Sure, there is a lot of saving and loading, but I have fun. It does not hurt that the game uses Swedish signs, cars, and music either, making me feel right at home with Dux, Bromir, and the other mutants. I highly recommend this awesome game, especially if you like some added challenge to your gameplay. 

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