Christmas Times

Now when the holidays are just around the corner it is time for some well deserved time off.

Time to cuddle up in the sofa with yer favorite book and a warm comfy blanket, sipping some hot cocoa while another cheesy but still lovable ol’ Holiday flick plays in the background.

Curly will also take a couple of updates off and come back fresh at the beginning of next year, concluding the current cannibal bog trotters story arc. And boy oh boy do we have some treats for ye next year! Aliens, Vampires, Toilet monsters and much, much more! Be sure to stay tuned peeps! Exclamation marks at the end of every sentence!

For those of ye chaps that just can nay get ’nuff of me, be sure to follow me twitter for some regular and irregular updates!

So, with that I’ll leave ya’ll with this wee ol’ Fan Art picture I threw together. Recognize that bear ol’ Curly is yapping with? Well that is Theo, a supernatural detective from Stockholm, Sweden! More about that fella over here if ye’re interested: 

Blog Out!

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