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Nothing But Trouble Page 32

I really liked the idea of a tent put up around a classic gypsy trailer wagon, so I tried to make it believable. The round shape of the trailer is pretty iconic and was a fun challenge to capture, while I did the tent in a more classic military style. The same type that I used to sleep in a while in the junior scouts, except this one has two poles instead of one. I’m really trying to balance the edge between old and modern without leaning too far either way. 

Been playing Supermassive Games The Quarry lately and I gotta say it’s really darn fun. It manages to be both quirky, fun, and a bloody supernatural slasher all in one. I like the characters, especially Ted Raimi’s deadbeat sheriff. I have not finished it yet, but so far only got the jock killed (oops). Some scenes feel a bit short and disconnected from the greater narrative and I prefer longer scenes with checkpoints instead of fading in and out. I get that it is supposed to add a bit of tension and fast pacing, but the load time actually does the opposite. Still love the game though, a worthy cousin to Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology

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