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Nothing But Trouble Page 58

Going to take the opportunity to answer a few frequently asked questions:

Question: Do you have a favorite TV series?

Answer: Oh yes, I am quite fond of Archer, Supernatural, and The Venture Bros

Question: Where are you from? 

Answer: Cold old Sweden, living on the second most populated island named Öland. Which translates into Islandland. 

Question: Can I get a signed copy of Curly: Devil’s Demons & Degenerates

Answer: The album itself can only be bought from Amazon, but yeah, we could probably arrange something. 

Question: What happened to the Curly merchandise? 

Answer: Due to RedBubble’s new policies and fees, I chose to close down my RB account so I would not leak money. I am looking into other avenues, but for now, there will not be any available merch I am afraid. 

Question: Where do babies come from?

Answer: When a mommy and daddy love each other very much or are just out to have some nasty old-timey fun, the stork delivers the little bundle of joy and steals all the credit from the mother who has been carrying around the little bastard for nine months. Storks are a bloody nuisance that way. 

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