With the quarantine procedures, social distancing, and whatnot, many of us are struggling to make ends meet. Luckily, nobody in our family has contracted the virus yet, but with the kids at home from preschool, it is a test of patience.  I will continue to publish the comic as regularly as possible and hope that it might entertain you. Be safe and cautious out there everyone!

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Wrapping things up

Looks like Curly: Invertigo is coming to an end (finally!) with just a few pages left to wrap 

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This week’s comic page was sponsored by my lovely wife, mostly by not suffocating me with a pillow late at night for spending hours in front of the computer instead of changing Chernobyl worthy diapers on our baby. 

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A few weeks in…

… and 2020’s first memes are about new years resolutions and world war 3. So, before you, my dear reader, go and break whatever new year’s resolution that you solemnly swore to uphold, read the latest page of Curly the Cursed Con Man! Quickly, before World War 3 starts and all of civilization is obliterated. 

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Prehistoric Playground

Been playing a lot, and I mean a lot, of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled since its release. The first Grand Prix was fun, but this one is a blast! I have always been keen on Fake Crash so this Grand Prix hit the sweet spot!

I remember playing the original back on Playstation 1, racing against my mates, cup after cup in split-screen. I have some really fond memories of the original and Beenox has made a fantastic job on this remaster, filling it to the brim with content. I kinda hope that they will be responsible for future Crash Bandicoot games because Twilight Tour and Prehistoric Playground are some of my favorite tracks and really nail what is fun with the whole franchise.

I hope to see you in an online race or two, just do not beat me too badly. 

Can Curly stop the row before it escalates out of control? Click the pic and find out!
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