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Is Curly my Mary-Sue? Or rather, Gary – Stu? If I was to answer that question honestly, I would say both yes and no. He does hold some characteristics that I would want to see in myself, however, there is also a lot that I would prefer to stay away from. When I started this webcomic, I drew it for years at home, never flinging any of it online. It was, as I mentioned before, a form of therapy to regain my fine motor skills and reclaim my childhood dreams. I decided early on that Curly is not unfairly the victim of a gypsy curse, no sir, he deserved it, or at least part of it. He is a flawed character that runs his mouth and embraces his Irish roots to the point of parody. Have I succeeded in portraying him this way? I really hope so, however, in the end, it is for the readers to decide.

As for now, I am in the middle of redrawing old comics and revising old manuscripts and trying to up the quality as much as possible. My chosen art style is evolving and I am still in the process to find the right balance and visual composition. That is why the “colouring,” if you can call the grays that, looks different from chapter to chapter.
I am still learning a lot and studying the works of others to improve myself. I know that I lack backgrounds many times, however, at this moment that does not bother me as much as it maybe should.

Then we have the lately irregular updates, yes, I have been sloppy and does not update every week right now. I can own that fact since… well, it is a fact. Why does this happen? In short, life. I have two wonderful wee kids at home and I do love spending time with my family instead of planting myself in front of the computer when I get home from work. And when I say work, I do work and train (measuring how many percents I am able to work) right now after years of physical and mental rehabilitating. I also am on my way to claim my college degree in Creative Computer Graphics (3D generalist and digital effects) that I missed when I had the TIA-stroke. On top of that, I and a mate are working on an indie game demo, just for the heck of it to maintain our 3D skill sets and perhaps even evolve them.

So, am I sloppy to not update Curly regularly as promised? Sadly yes. Do I see Curly more as a hobby than something I could make money from? Actually, again yes. It started out as a hobby and remain a hobby, dear to my heart. And while I do hope the updates will flow more regularly in the future, I still have to live in the present and take care of whatever is on my plate for the moment. All while I hope you readers continue to enjoy Curly and Kaz misadventures!


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