Who is shooting this wooly mutant? Click the pic to find out!


Lately, I had more flares of pain than usual, so been kinda quiet here. It sucks being disabled, mostly I have spent half the day in bed and then tried to pick myself up to be a good father when the kids get hom. That is why I am so happy that I have an archive of pages, so if I can not draw for a week or two, there is still something being posted.

But enough misery, I still need to explore every nook and cranny in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, get some coffee in my morning whiskey, and try to find out where my bloody left shoe is at. Last seen in the hands of a suspiciously happy one-year-old.   

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Backrubs and Spider-men!


What is scaring the bejesus out of Kaz? Click the pic to find out!

Holy crap, it is soon Valentine’s Day, which I almost forgot this year! Do you know who did not forget? My wife, that is who. My darling gave me a copy of Insomniac’s fantastic Spider-Man: Miles Morales for the PS4! So I know how my weekend is going to be spent! I will lock the kids in a shed, then game away. Or first, I have to find and/or build a shed to lock them into. Maybe I just let them play in the snow and bar the doors? Not sure yet, but gaming will happen one way or another! And backrubs, the wife will get backrubs. She deserves them, in plural even! 

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