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Stargazer Page 45

Now even I am curious about the story of the nun’s Curly mentions. 

Been out of commission lately due to my fibromyalgia, so have not had the energy to answer questions as frequently as I usually do. Sorry folks. Those flares of pain are not to be played around with. But on a happier note, I had some time with Miles Morales, web-swinging around New York and collecting time-capsules, stopping crimes, and riding an angry Rhino. It is a beautiful game and I am taking my sweet time with it. There is no point in rushing something that makes you feel good.  

I had to cancel my pre-order of Little Nightmares II, but damn, it looks good. And the way folks talk about it, I really need to save up and get it soon to experience it myself. Avoiding spoilers is perhaps the hardest part. 

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