Frightful Weather

The weather outside is frightful

We have no fire that’s delightful

and since I got places to go

Please don’t snow, please don’t snow, please don’t snow!   


Click the pic for something not winter-related.
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What a fucking start on the New Year. Like, what the hell? 

Take a break and read some comics instead. Don’t be a dick, click the pic!


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Happy New Year!

The title says it all! If you want a further uncomprehensive text of my farewell to this shit-kicked vomit bucket of a year, head on over to this week’s Curly update! 

What is this evil little Qwibble laughing menacingly about? Click the pic to find out!
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Working hard or hardly working?

It’s getting cold outside, not even the dog wants to go out freely anymore. And this is just the start of it because winter here gets COLD. I am talking about snot freezing in your nose cold. The polar bears are like “Nah man, I’m good. Fetch me a blanket, will you?” Our landlord has not turned on the heat yet, so every morning is like deciding if I am going to freeze to death or sleep until spring. Or that might just be me?

Click the pic to read the latest comic!


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I love comics

I have been reading comics since before I was even able to actually read. My parents often used to buy me a comic book just to keep me quiet. One of my earlier memories was looking through an old issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, making up my own stories to the pictures. So, I really did not read the comics, I just kinda looked at them. Nonetheless, I enjoyed them and still do. 

One modern comic-strip I enjoy nowadays is Crabgrass by Tauhid Bondia (I really hope that I spelled that right). I first found it on Instagram and it gave me this old school, Peanuts or Calvin & Hobbes feelgood vibes. From what I can gather, Bondia is an indie webcomic artist and an all-around cool cat who deserves a shoutout. So check out Crabgrass comics on either Instagram or GoComics for some good laughs.   

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Science fiction stuff!

I keep forgetting to post these thumbnail posts! 

One of my favorite pages from this entire chapter since it was so fun to draw! Click the pic to read the page!


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Stargazer Page 41

What a mess, how will they get out of this one?

We have no internet in our new, boxfilled home yet so I am uploading via my mobile phone, hoping it goes as well as it can 😅 

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Stargazer Page 40

Uploading this week’s comic page from my phone, so I hope everything works as it should. Unplugged my computer earlier today since we are moving across the country tomorrow. Kinda feels like a new beginning of sorts. Bigger house, closer to relatives and hopefully less muggings and cars set on fire in the middle of the night. 

However, as our luck is per usual a fickle mistress, there is tons of snow outside and I swear I saw a Yeti walking around, freezing its buttocks off! Better wish us luck and hope for the best!

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Stargazer Page 39

Took the dog outside today, came home with a walking snowball. Only about a week left before we move across the country down south, so we are currently living in an apartment that looks like the insides of a murdered box-fort. And with all the snow coming down, it could very well be turning into a giant igloo before we get the moving-truck out of dodge. I expect to happen upon a yeti or a polar bear at any time now since the north pole decided to dump its leftovers at our doorstep. 

TL;DR: It is snowing and freaking cold outside.    

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Stargazer Page 38

Curly is the only character I have that could be offended while being rescued. 

I have started playing Control by Remedy lately. Man, those Finnish fellas sure know how to create a compelling narrative. I loved Alan Wake back in the day and only really gave Control a shot because it was on PSN-deals and had some DLC that ties directly into Alan Wake. So far I have been helping the cool, creepy janitor unclog the pipes, talked to flowers, and fought some of those Hiss and I am having a blast. 

It got this weird X-Files meets Twin Peaks vibes set in an agency reminiscent of the BPRD from the Hellboy comics and a magic house. So weird and still compelling. If I did not know better, I would expect Big Red to pop out around a corner at any time with his big old right hand of doom. 

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