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Nothing But Trouble Page 38

It’s looking to be one of the hottest summers in decades here in Scandinavia, so if you see a gelatinous blob rolling down the street it’s probably just me who melted under the unrelenting sun.

Saw Across the Spider-Verse with me boys the other week, and it was a hoot! In my humble opinion, they kind of overdid the special effects on some parts and characters, and I was not the biggest fan of their blurry, out-of-focus backgrounds at times, the flick itself was marvelous to behold. The humor was crazy fun, and great emotional connections between the characters and their main villain, the Spot, were done terrifically well.  Spider-Punk has evolved beyond being a ditched character design for Spidey-UK and I actually prefer this version over his comic book counterpart. I highly recommend watching it! 

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Posted 26/06/2023 by LarsLasse in category "Uncategorised