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Pascal the Rascal Page 04

For this page, I tried to research Arabic food for reference. It is a bit of a mishmash of popular dishes from all around the middle east, but I figured that in this day and age we eat a lot of different foods from all over the world. One of the most popular Swedish dishes is, believe it or not, tacos! It might not be in the traditional Spanish, Mexican, or South American way, but we love it! So I took some creative liberties with the dinner served by the Malik’s. 

I anyone is wondering, the smorgasbord of delicacies are made up of Küfta-Bozbash, Hummus dip with some carrots, cucumber and chips, Shawarma and Fattoush. Mostly I chose these because they were easy to distinguish from each other while drawing. If they go together or not is another question. 

Been looking at a lot of Before you buy. reviews and gameplay videos of Biomutant recently and even if it has gotten mixed reception, I think will try and get my grubby hands on it. What appeals to me the most are the beautiful landscapes, the cool anthropomorphic animals, and the silliness of it all. It looks cool aesthetically, if not top-notch gameplaywise and I am a bit weak for Rocket Raccoon-like characters. In my eyes, it seems like Kung Fu Panda, set in a Fallout-esque post-apocalyptic world with the gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn.   

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