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Pascal the Rascal Page 10

Looks like ol’ Arioch finally caught up to poor Curly. Arioch is an actual angel in the old testament, mentioned in the Book of Genesis as the King of Ellasar, who participated in the battle of the Vale of Siddim together with three other kings against the five kings of Canaan. He also appears in John Milton’s epic Paradise Lost as one of the angels who rebelled against heaven together with Lucifer. There he was known as the fierce lion of heaven before being defeated. Later grimoires, theological manuscripts, and demonology writings, he is known as a lord of hell and an archdemon of revenge. 

That concludes today’s theological lesson, now for something completely else! Here is a closer look at the Pascal the Rascal comic book, where I tried to capture the fun-loving energy of comics from days past. Gosh, I love that old-timey rubber hose style! 

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