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Pascal the Rascal Page 23

No matter how old we become, we all can need a mother’s love from time to time. I do not say that it has to be our biological mothers, some might not be with us any longer, are unfit, or just not in the picture anymore. But we all can need the comfort and love of someone looking after us, and lucky enough to find at least one in our lifetime. 

In other news, the remaster of Alan Wake has dropped and I am looking to get myself a copy later this week. I had the original on the 360 but only got about halfway through then took a break from it. If memory serves correctly, I thought it was a bit repetitive at times and I was probably itching to play another big title too. I have a lot of only half-finished games from that era. But Alan Wake was one of those games that I regretted never finishing, so I am going to take this second chance and do it properly. That it now allegedly also contains some clues and references to both Quantum Break and Control makes it even cooler. Control was one of those weird, almost Lynchian games that I really enjoyed is a huge plus and it reawakened my interest in Alan Wake once again. 


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