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Pascal the Rascal Page 25

Well, that did not go according to plan. Looks like old Curly just went from the ashes into the fire, rushing towards the very danger that he tried to avoid. 

I also want to wish everybody a Happy Halloween! We had a blast, getting the family together and dressing up as monsters, scaring our kids. I got to play the role of narrator and took the little hellions out on a witchhunt for tasty candy and other sweets. I might also have startled a neighbor or two since the tradition of Halloween is a relatively new custom over here. 

In Sweden, the old custom is called All Hallows Eve (or All Saints Eve) and is a night when we go to the graves of loved ones to lit candles and remember those no longer among us. A pretty somber experience far from sexy costumes, trick or treat, and debauchery. 

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