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Pascal the Rascal Page 36

Curly is channeling his inner Groucho Marx to quick talk this simple-minded goat of a conductor. Using one of Bugs Bunny’s favorite tricks and dressing up as someone else is always a classic and often funny cartoonish move. Lucky for Curly that he is in a comic (technically in a comic within a comic but that is a bit too much meta for my taste) and can pull these stuff off without an effort. 

Been on a serious The Adventures of Tintin binge lately, feeling nostalgic since I grew up watching the cartoons on the telly. Introduced my kids to Asterix & Obelix too and they love the iconic duo. So fun to be able to share one’s childhood pleasures with the next generation of hellions and remember some of that magic that can be captured in well-told stories.   

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