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Stargazer Page 25

I have to admit that drawing all these weird alien tools, intended for medicinal purposes or not, was quite fun. I envisioned these rusty, out of date stuff they use horror movie hospitals and mental asylums and just made them even more strange. I always liked mechanical science fiction stuff from the ’80s rather than today’s nanotechnology stuff. It gives some weight to the otherwise fantastical stuff that appears almost like technological magic. 

In other news, I am excited that this month’s PS-Plus games are a racing title (Need For Speed: Payback) and Dontnod’s Victorian gothic tale of Vampyr. The latter title is one that I have been eyeing since its release, but always thought I could get at a later date. I am a sucker for good bloodsucker games and horror (who would have thought?) and do enjoy the casual race now and then. I also in love with Dingodiles‘ new design in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and can not wait until the title drops a bit in price. The original trilogy by NaughtyDogs was a mainstay of my childhood and I played the heck out of the second and third ones. Never did 100% them, though, since I am more of a Gamer4Fun type than a hardcore gamer.    

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