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Stargazer Page 36

Not going to lie, this scene feels like straight out of some horror movie. Those little spacemen (Qwibbles) sure got a lot more on their plates than what they bargained for. 

I found a little indie gem on the PSN-store the other day, on one of their end-of-the-year-deals. It’s called Little Nightmares, made by Tarsier Studios from Malmö in good old Sweden. This gem of a game makes me proud to be a Swede, not that I contributed to it in any way but the game other than finding it years after it was released. The game is so cute and unsettling that it made me feel more spooked at times than any Resident Evil title. Guess who just pre-ordered the sequel? This lad!  

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Posted 13/12/2018 by LarsLasse in category "Uncategorised