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Stargazer Page 47

It is always good to have a heart to heart with friends, both new and old. Even if a murderous mutant sheep is slaughtering space aliens in the background. 

Oh, I do not know if you all noticed, but I have uploaded some prints on my RedBubble. So now there are some nifty T-shirts, pins, and stuff that you can spend your hard-earned money on instead of some bloody charity or good cause. Now, read that sentence again with some humor or sarcasm in your voice, because I was joking and have no intention to go up on a podium and apologize. If you want to spend your money on a children’s hospital, by all means, do it. But think for a moment, maybe those ill little rascals would appreciate a shitload of cool T-shirts instead? 

Jokes aside, if anyone likes my designs, share and care. If you really dig them, buy them! 

Click the pic to check out this cute Erw McBlu print!

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Posted 13/12/2018 by LarsLasse in category "Uncategorised