A few weeks in…

… and 2020’s first memes are about new years resolutions and world war 3. So, before you, my dear reader, go and break whatever new year’s resolution that you solemnly swore to uphold, read the latest page of Curly the Cursed Con Man! Quickly, before World War 3 starts and all of civilization is obliterated. 

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Prehistoric Playground

Been playing a lot, and I mean a lot, of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled since its release. The first Grand Prix was fun, but this one is a blast! I have always been keen on Fake Crash so this Grand Prix hit the sweet spot!

I remember playing the original back on Playstation 1, racing against my mates, cup after cup in split-screen. I have some really fond memories of the original and Beenox has made a fantastic job on this remaster, filling it to the brim with content. I kinda hope that they will be responsible for future Crash Bandicoot games because Twilight Tour and Prehistoric Playground are some of my favorite tracks and really nail what is fun with the whole franchise.

I hope to see you in an online race or two, just do not beat me too badly. 

Can Curly stop the row before it escalates out of control? Click the pic and find out!
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What is the punk girls secret?

A really nice twist in this week’s comic page, everything is starting to fall into place now. 

Discover Leslie the angry punk chick’s hidden secret by clicking the thumbnail!


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Rejoice, the comics are back!

So, after a few weeks fixing up the ol’ girl, it looks lite Drawmoore Pictures is running smoothly again. After a brief but (in)voluntary hiatus on the comics, you can once again enjoy the supernatural misadventures of Curly & Kaz! 

What has made Leslie the angry punk girl upset this time around? Click the image to find out!
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Status Update on the summer cleaning.

So, it looks like the website actually survived most of the updates and reconstructions. The whole site should be responsive for most browsers and devices now, the comic should be easier to read on cellphones and other stuff that I actually do not understand. Hey, I am as a code monkey as I am a mechanic. Whatever is going on under the hood I have no idea about, but I am happy as long as it works!

There will still be a few more changes to the site during our rainy summer weeks, but the comic will come back next week from its involuntary hiatus. I got the pages, but I wanted to wait until the comic area was readable again. So I apologize to my three readers for leaving you out in the cold. Here is a nice little image of Curly and Kaz in front of a classy custom 1971 Hemi Cuda as compensation!

Curly and Kaz in colour! Who would have thought?
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