Status Update on the summer cleaning.

So, it looks like the website actually survived most of the updates and reconstructions. The whole site should be responsive for most browsers and devices now, the comic should be easier to read on cellphones and other stuff that I actually do not understand. Hey, I am as a code monkey as I am a mechanic. Whatever is going on under the hood I have no idea about, but I am happy as long as it works!

There will still be a few more changes to the site during our rainy summer weeks, but the comic will come back next week from its involuntary hiatus. I got the pages, but I wanted to wait until the comic area was readable again. So I apologize to my three readers for leaving you out in the cold. Here is a nice little image of Curly and Kaz in front of a classy custom 1971 Hemi Cuda as compensation!

Curly and Kaz in colour! Who would have thought?
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Updates and such

Over the summer, Drawmoore (this very here website if you are confused, aghast or even confuzzled) will see some much needed updates and configurations. This will of course cause some commotion and mishaps, I am sure. So if the site looks weird, some pages aren’t working correctly or the likes, do not fret! It just a part of the process.

As a side note I do not write that these maintenance thingys “probably” will cause some malfunction or another. Because, let’s get real – when something can go wrong it will.

So in the meantime, get out there and enjoy your summer! Just do not forget to check in on Curly once in a while.

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Art dump!

Got a nice little art update on Project Sunshine (working title) over at ArtStation. Nothing to fancy and some of you might have seen much of it on my Instagram account already. Mr. K is still hard at work with much of the models and doing some really cool stuff with the first level.

Me, on the other hand, cobble together the odd 3D model from time to time, while also working on the manuscript and with my webcomic. It is a lot of work but tremendously fun. Hopefully, we will have a playable demo before we die of old age!

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Project Sunshine update

Got another piece of concept art done the other day, you might have caught over on my Instagram or Twitter already. Did it while learning Unity 3D from the ground up over at since my good mate Mr. K is frolicking and lollygagging over in Japan. The process of the demo is going slowly at the moment, but a lot of things are happening behind the scenes. We are using Substance Painter for most of the textures and using PBL makes it all just look so lovely. Also, the manuscript is coming along fine, reaching far longer than the demo. Will update in the future how everything is going, however, it might be a while before we have more to share about the Project Sunshine demo.  










Ps. For those confused over what the hell I am talking about, I and my best mate and colleague Mr. K are working on an indie horror game demo on our sparse spare time. Most of the updates have before been over at my Instagram and in the portfolio. 


Blog Out!


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When life happens

Is Curly my Mary-Sue? Or rather, Gary – Stu? If I was to answer that question honestly, I would say both yes and no. He does hold some characteristics that I would want to see in myself, however, there is also a lot that I would prefer to stay away from. When I started this webcomic, I drew it for years at home, never flinging any of it online. It was, as I mentioned before, a form of therapy to regain my fine motor skills and reclaim my childhood dreams. I decided early on that Curly is not unfairly the victim of a gypsy curse, no sir, he deserved it, or at least part of it. He is a flawed character that runs his mouth and embraces his Irish roots to the point of parody. Have I succeeded in portraying him this way? I really hope so, however, in the end, it is for the readers to decide.

As for now, I am in the middle of redrawing old comics and revising old manuscripts and trying to up the quality as much as possible. My chosen art style is evolving and I am still in the process to find the right balance and visual composition. That is why the “colouring,” if you can call the grays that, looks different from chapter to chapter.
I am still learning a lot and studying the works of others to improve myself. I know that I lack backgrounds many times, however, at this moment that does not bother me as much as it maybe should.

Then we have the lately irregular updates, yes, I have been sloppy and does not update every week right now. I can own that fact since… well, it is a fact. Why does this happen? In short, life. I have two wonderful wee kids at home and I do love spending time with my family instead of planting myself in front of the computer when I get home from work. And when I say work, I do work and train (measuring how many percents I am able to work) right now after years of physical and mental rehabilitating. I also am on my way to claim my college degree in Creative Computer Graphics (3D generalist and digital effects) that I missed when I had the TIA-stroke. On top of that, I and a mate are working on an indie game demo, just for the heck of it to maintain our 3D skill sets and perhaps even evolve them.

So, am I sloppy to not update Curly regularly as promised? Sadly yes. Do I see Curly more as a hobby than something I could make money from? Actually, again yes. It started out as a hobby and remain a hobby, dear to my heart. And while I do hope the updates will flow more regularly in the future, I still have to live in the present and take care of whatever is on my plate for the moment. All while I hope you readers continue to enjoy Curly and Kaz misadventures!


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Fan Art Time

Here’s some fan art made for Cheeks Galloway’s monster bustin’ comic “Gumshoes4Hire.”  

Learned some new tricks while I tried to draw in his style, especially when it came to colouring. Turned out pretty sweet if I say so myself! 


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Vacation time

The sun is shining (mostly), the water is nice and warm (after heating) and the kids are happy (on and off). Other than being a tourist I have been catching up on comics such as Ms. Marvel, One Piece and old Deus Ex tie-ins. Do not fret tough, soon the store is going to get some nice new prints and Curly will be updating as usual, however in the mean time, relax and enjoy the summer, folks!


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Giving the old site a complete overhaul since I was no longer satisfied with how Comicpress worked and the fact that it is no longer supported by the author. Over the weeks there are gonna be some major changes on the site so if some stuff looks like it is missing there is no need to worry. The site will be up and be running smoothly by the end of summer. Until then pop in now and then, grab a cold one and watch the work in process!

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Reminiscent of days gone by

I began to draw Curly back in the summer of 2011, it started off with loose sketches and idéas, however, I did not have a fully formed concept that was manageable. That all changed after a stroke landed me a nice uncomfy bed at the local hospital. When you are in a hospital, times starts to move at a slow crawl and the highlights of the day consist of the mealtimes. The space in between is just like filler episodes of a telly series, empty and mostly boring after a while and not advancing the plot even the slightest.

Left alone with my own thoughts, I started to combine different concepts and idéas that I had over the years for a supernatural comic. I had one character that was cursed by gypsies (classic, cliché, done to death but still salvageable) and another about a selfish traveling con artist, just living a dishonest but eventful life. For the first character, I had many things figured out storywise, but the protagonist had no visual elements that distinguished him or any kind of backstory. The con artist had all of that but no story to be thrown into. What a gordian knot!

So of course, when I had an infinite time every day to just think, ponder and muse I had the epiphany to combine the two characters into one, and lo and behold, Curly was born! After that most of his misadventures were writing themselves in my head and when they wheeled me out the front door (not really, we do not have that custom in Sweden, I skipped out on crutches…) I was ready to start writing and drawing!

…and yet not. The fine motor skills in my hands were blown to heck, me life was forever changed and blah blah. You know the story, we do not have to digress more than we already have.

Artistically speaking I was strongly influenced at the time by Floyd Gottfredson, nowadays mostly known for his Mickey Mouse comics back in the early 30’s and about 45 years forward. His flowing motions, telling facial expressions and the way to draw big black eyes had me caught. I decided to add some elements of his style when designing Curly while letting most other characters be drawn with normal eyes. This is to distinguish Curly visually and give him a unique look. It’s an aesthetic choice that may or may not come back and haunt me later, anyhow, I am rather pleased how the design turned out.

The sum of this wall of text is that art kinda saved me. I have always loved comics and concept art so when I was as most ill, I would dwell on sites such as, Skottie Young’s Marvel comics, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy etc. and study every line and shadow drawn. I wanted to draw again, I wanted to improve. So I started sketching, and drawing and breaking pens in frustration. The first Curly chapter, Lonely Ghost, came from this struggle, and it was my therapy. Sure, that chapter kinda looks like a unpolished turd in a homemade tuxedo, but it is my unpolished turd in a… erhm… well, you get my point, I hope… Will I redraw it one day? Perhaps, but as for right now, it is a reminder of where I started off and how far I have come since then. I still have a long way left, but life is a road, right? And roads are meant to be traveled.


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To tell a story

One of me first memories is from when I was a wee lad, is struggling to read a TMNT comicbook. It was sunny outside and I was dressed in nothing other than a t-shirt and shorts, so me best guess is that it was summer. We still lived in fathers construction trailers that he bought for work (he used to build houses, the irony is not lost on me) so I had to be around four years old. I already knew a few words and phrases that I could distinguish from the word balloons or have me mother read it out loud for me, but more often than not I just made up me own stories while looking at the panels. And when the pages came to an end, I sat down and drew me own continuation (hey, I even had TMNT glasses with Raphael on them later on, so big fan). I draw them stories forever, letting the turtles battle it out with their enemies, batman, whoever I fancied them to meet on the page. It was liberating, it was fun and for me parents it was a blessing because that meant I sat still and shut up so they could get a wee bit of piece and quiet. I remember that issue of the heroes in a half shell with fondness, for in a way, it led me to the path I am on today, even if the memory is blurry and I can only remember about two panels (Times Square filled with taxis, some of them driven by Footclan members and a sequence where the turtles drives trough a wall and mows down their ninja archrivals with the turtle van).

The point is, I love telling stories just as much as I love to experience them. May it be from reading a good book or comic, watching a tv-series or a flick, not to mention picking up the controller and play a really good video game. I love that, it is like a drug to me and there is tons of more ways to tell stories nowadays. A really good story can stay with you for long after you finished it, especially when you realise that you are walking around thinking about a character or a group almost like old friends, remembering your time together or trying to figure out what will happen next. Right now I find myself thinking like that about the characters on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, or remembering the time I had with the horror game Until Dawn.

When I write me comics or short stories, it is a process. I try to evaluate every nook and cranny to see if the story makes sense, if the decisions the characters do is something that feels natural depending on their personality that I tried to build up. Sometimes I can sketch half a forest worth of manuscript only to later scrap it all by throwing it in the trash bin, just because it did not feel natural or made any sense. I have never held Deus ex machina solutions in high regards, especially if they just drop out of thin air when a character has painted themselves into a corner. If there is a well done build up towards it, okay, but not otherwise. And I am not saying that me webcomic Curly is unique, it is not. But I do hope that it is well written. Maybe I tend to play with the clichés or take a well know concept or formula in me stories, however at the same time I do hope that I tell the story well enough with its own twists and turns to make it enjoyable. To make the classic concept me own. I mean, a horror story about a family of cannibalistic hillbillies is not really créme del a créme del a Edgar, now is it? But I did it in me own way, in a way I wanted to tell it and I hope that I did leave subtle enough hints and background to why they became this way and what not. Enough to make sense, to fit into the world of Curly and build on it.

The master of storytelling (not just horror) Stephen King once wrote that he dislike plots. Because if you let the plot rule, the characters becomes secondary. If the characters get to rule, you can put different members of the cast in a specific situation and not of them will come to the same solution. They will react in manners that are natural to their personalities and it can change the whole plot, or turn it upside down and back again. It is organic. A plot on the other hand can force the cast to go out of character just so it will benefit the plotline. It is, in loss of other ways to express myself, a hell of a nasty trap to balance around without falling in. Even if you are on your tip toes it can still go awry, just because you made the decision to let something happen just because it was convenient. Alfred Hitchcock always maintained that the build up is the most essential and important part to any situation. If someone is going to get shot with a gun, do not just conjure it up from thin air, show it some scenes or moments before it is necessary for the character to use. If a bomb is about to explode, let the hostages become angry, emotional and sad, not just afraid and praying. Do I do that? I hope so. Do I compare myself to Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock? Hell no, but the insights these two masters have to share is way too good to not to mention. I am but a mere student struggling in their, and countless others, shadow.

But do you know what the best with shadows are? They are cool and refreshing and a really nice place to relax in when the sun starts to scorch on a hot summer day. I do believe that this rambling wall of text has gone on long enough for now. What did I want to say with it? Only that I hope that I write me stories well enough for you readers to enjoy them. And maybe, just maybe, will you one day think back on Kaz and Curly with some fondness or wonder what will happen next with excitement. Because if you do, that means that I have succeeded beyond what I could ever hope to accomplish. For in a way, I am still that wee four year old lad, struggling to make sense of the written story, all while making up more of it.




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