The Wonders of technology

The other day while my mother, the medium known as Melchiora (not even kidding, my mother is a psychic), was in town to meet and great our new baby boy Gabriel into the world, I found myself helplessly listening to one of her tedious stories of relatives long since gone. However, I did have my sketchbook at the ready so I could occupy myself all while my ears were starting to ache and fall off. I had an itch to draw some fan art and decided on good ol’ Shazam (also known as Captain Marvel in the good ol’ days!) but my hands told me something else.

I might have mentioned it once or thrice on twitter that I live with a condition called Fibromyalgia, with just a hint of Parkinsonian tremor and disturbed nerve-endings, since the tender age of 23. So that was it, my hands were shaking and the pencil lines became… squiggly. Real squiggly… like even my two year old thought it looked bad… But shame on those who gives up, right? I finished my sketchy wee doodle and thought to myself:

“Well this looks horrible!”

In the old golden days of artsy stuff, that would had been it on a bad day. On my good days I am rather good with the pen, some might even say great (wifey that is). But on bad days… oh the horror… Fortunately we live in an age of technological marvel! I took the horrible creation that I doodled down in my sketchbook and scanned it in, opened up Photoshop and started working. Those squiggly lines became straight and dynamic, in all the chaos order was born and something closer to what I had in mind came to be. It might not be in the same class as those top notch masters over at Marvel and DC Comics, and I did do him in my “cartoony comics” style and not aiming for anything realistic, but that is well beside the point.

I had a bad day where my fine motor skills were thrown out the window and usurped by tremors and pain. That did not stop me, since in this day and age if you can not be a practical artist you can become a digital one. And that is good enough for me, especially since I do this for a living and a pleasure. I am happy and grateful to be living in the modern digital world, it suits me rather well.

And with that I must end this wee piece of romanticized retelling of a simple piece of fun doodling, not only to put on a fresh batch of joe, but to change me shirt since I got baby puke all over it…

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And we’re back again!

After a couple of weeks of refreshing vacation time, with Christmas celebrations, new years whiskey and time spent with the family, we are finally back online again!

Next week will see the continuation of this wee Curly story, with regular updates to follow. An updated portfolio has been put online and I even had time for some 3D modeling these last few days. However, it is back to business as usual. I am very excited to be back in front of the keyboard, just love me work I guess.

More to follow these coming weeks, hope to see ya’ll here!

Blog Out!

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Christmas Times

Now when the holidays are just around the corner it is time for some well deserved time off.

Time to cuddle up in the sofa with yer favorite book and a warm comfy blanket, sipping some hot cocoa while another cheesy but still lovable ol’ Holiday flick plays in the background.

Curly will also take a couple of updates off and come back fresh at the beginning of next year, concluding the current cannibal bog trotters story arc. And boy oh boy do we have some treats for ye next year! Aliens, Vampires, Toilet monsters and much, much more! Be sure to stay tuned peeps! Exclamation marks at the end of every sentence!

For those of ye chaps that just can nay get ’nuff of me, be sure to follow me twitter for some regular and irregular updates!

So, with that I’ll leave ya’ll with this wee ol’ Fan Art picture I threw together. Recognize that bear ol’ Curly is yapping with? Well that is Theo, a supernatural detective from Stockholm, Sweden! More about that fella over here if ye’re interested: 

Blog Out!

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Work Work Work

Been workin’ a lot lately on some projects, all while fixing and trixing with me comic. Things really do have a way to steal time.


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Technical Difficulties

We are experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment since update 4.3.0 and are doing everything we can to resolve it.

The comic and gallery will be updated as soon as possible.

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Live on Patreon!

I’m now available on Patreon for pledges, donations and handouts! Why sit in a street corner when you can do it in front of your own computer?

Help funding my storytelling and I’ll continue to feed you with stories, animations and other stuff!

Pledge here:

(Note: Patreon seems to have mislaid some of my higher goals and rewards).


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Time for a makeover!

It’s finally time for a makeover on this site. It will be a work in progress but we should be up and about pretty soon. The ol’ site is gone, even if it was me first baby. I will post my Portfolio and artwork here together with my freshly cleaned up comic Curly on a regular basis.

Here we go!

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