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Pascal the Rascal Page 06

I debated for a while if this page was necessary or not, but in the end, I kept it, both since it is kind of sweet with Aisha’s little hero crush on Curly, the wedding photo of Khazal and Avid, plus Marcel’s cruel but fun joke. The same kind of jokes that I and my friends used to pull on each other, talking smack and being dirty-mouthed teenagers. The wedding photo was tough to draw since I wanted it to look happy and nice, away from the darker story of the pair. 

In other news, I was really excited when the new Guardians of the Galaxy game was announced, even if some of the character design choices seem to be an acquired taste. I recently replayed the Telltales GotG series before heading into Biomutant, so getting another humorous game in a cool science fiction setting is right up my alley! I really hope the reviews are favorable and it does not end up like last year’s Avengers game, a title that I want to play due to Ms. Marvel but the negative buzz about the tedious grinding has kept me at bay. If it comes on sale, I will be sure to get it just because of Kamala Khan, but only time will tell when that is going to happen. 

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