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Pascal the Rascal Page 07

Omar is a fun character to draw, with his tall and lanky design. It is especially fun to draw him next to Curly since they are so different in height, the body builds, and appearance but still have some vague resemblance to each other (the dark eyes, big noses, etc.) In my first version of the manuscript, none of Kaz’s family shows up. Curly just dropped her off and unceremonial drove away, something that did not feel right when I went over the script. I think this is better, I like the Malik family and they have some fun, challenging aesthetics to incorporate.

Summer is here in full force, and both I and the dog are close to overheating in my home office. Needless to say, I have spent a lot of time sketching new pages under the cool of the air conditioner rather than having my bacon cooked in front of the computer. Also, I stumbled upon a “remaster” of Stubbs the Zombie on PSN, not that it actually does remaster anything else than some of the old wonky controls, but damn that game still looks fun a decade and a half after initial release. It is old school in every way, but it kinda makes me wish that they had taken the remake route of Destroy All Humans rather than just re-releasing the title with old graphics, semi-empty levels, and the crooked feel of first half gameplay versus the late half gameplay. It still looks fun though, might grab it anyway. Because who can resist a zombie salesman?  

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