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Pascal the Rascal Page 08

I love coffee, I even use the hashtag #needcoffee on everything and anything that I actually tag with a hash. Curly? Not so much, he prefers his green tea if he against all odds indulge in a non-alcoholic beverage. Khazal and her family instead come from a long tradition of coffee lovers and as Muslims they do not partake in drinking alcohol of any kind. Gotta keep it halal. Me? I keep to my coffee and Whiskey, thank you very much!

If this website stops updating, it is because I have died of a heart attack playing Alien: Isolation, since first-person horror games are so much worse than third-person titles. Games like Until Dawn, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and even some Silent Hill titles are okay, they get my heart pumping and stains my undies brown and green, but I still manage. But the Resident Evil 7 demo scared the bejeebers out of me! Wish me luck or send your condolences to my wife and kids. 

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