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Stargazer Page 21

My copy if Jedi: Fallen Order arrived today, so I’m installing it on my PS4 as we speak (write? Read?). Got a lucky break and ordered it really cheap at a sale. More science fiction goodies for me to enjoy! 

For today’s comic, I think you all know who Sergeant Heartmann is based upon. I toyed with the idea of giving him a mustache but in the end, I decided to do a straight-up caricature of the legendary R. Lee Ermey. His mannerism is a mix between Sergeant Hartman and the drill sergeant from Forrest Gump (Sergeant Sims?). Someone needed to get Kaz to take action, and what better role model than the memory of her hardass former superior officer?    

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Posted 13/12/2018 by LarsLasse in category "Uncategorised