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Stargazer Page 22

Earth was a pain in the arse to draw, and I am not even sure that I got it right. 

Been playing some Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order lately and I must say that the game really reminds me of both Bloodborne and the Ratchet & Clank series. Go to a planet, platform, fight some enemies, find some hidden treasures. It almost feels like when you travel to different asteroids and planets in R&C and look for golden bolts, RYNO Holoplans, and stuff. I like it, it also got me in the mood to rewatch the Mandalorian tv-series again. Nothing like some good sci-fi to brighten the day, which I guess most of us need in these trying times. 

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Posted 13/12/2018 by LarsLasse in category "Uncategorised