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Stargazer Page 31

Shit is about to get real. One of my favorite images of Kaz from this story, she looks so badass. If she only had some bubblegum. 

I have been drooling over the trailers for the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales game lately. It made me rewatch Into the Spiderverse even, a fantastic flick in my humble opinion. I really love the art style that they used and the animation feels so smooth and on point. It really makes me want to be a better animator. In the game, you can even unlock the black Spiderverse costume from the movie, so I am more than hyped! Just need it to be a bit cheaper first, maybe as a Christmas gift for myself. Screw the kids, they can watch me play instead of getting presents! On the other hand, I would probably be suffocated by a pillow in my sleep so… yeah, pros and cons on that idea.   

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