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Stargazer Page 32

This page was actually not in my original script but added just for laughs. I also took the opportunity to let the comic breathe a bit and work on the mood. New readers will not notice anything special, except Curly just letting his mouth run wild (as usual) but I think it improved the pacing a bit. 

It is a week until Black Friday 2020, and already I am getting Black Friday deals. Black Month deals even. Like, I do not have much money to spend usually, why would I spend it now? Except on Christmas gifts for others perhaps? 200 bucks are still 200 bucks. If I would not spend that kind of money on stuff otherwise, why would I now? Sure, you can get some nice deals, but it is still money spent. I know a lot of people who have overspent on Black Friday before, so be careful people. Do not let those sparkly pricetags fool you. A deal is only good as long as you got money left after it. 

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Posted 13/12/2018 by LarsLasse in category "Uncategorised